Sloshed on crimson tide

4 01 2010

The lovely Piuquenes Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina, together with Martinelli's, make for an excellent drink – my brother's "Crimson Tide."

FROM THE moment Martha Stewart poured a very lovely well-chilled bottle of champagne into a glass with a scoop of the very best, ripe passion fruit, I knew she had awoken that part of me that has never taken to drink.  The sight of carbon dioxide forming pretty patterns with bubbles that sizzled all through the length of the flute, not showing any sign of fizzling out, did exactly that to me.  Added to it was the tint the passion fruit pulp gave the drink.  It was very pretty.

Unfortunately, I don’t drink still.  But the holidays were a good enough excuse to pour glass after glass of bubbly.  Or a good chardonnay, pinot noir, chianti, or sauvignon blanc.

Or a really good cabernet sauvignon.

My youngest brother asked if I wanted a drink while I finished the kare-kare (oxtail stew in a peanut butter sauce with lots of fresh vegetables).  He handed me a concoction of one part Martinelli’s Gold Medal Sparkling 100% Apple-Cranberry Juice and two parts Piuquenes Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendoza, Argentina.

It was really fruity and pleasing to the palate – from the first sip and sustained all throughout – that I loved it so much.  I told my brother that he should name this drink.  He turned to me and rattled off, “Crimson Tide,” owing to the rouge origins of the cocktail’s components.

I thought the name to be catchy, with good recall that I had to name-drop it on the New Year’s message I sent my friends: “Now sloshed on his third “Crimson Tide”…”

I really was sloshed.  I was already referring to myself in the third person.

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