Happy birthday, Harryboy!

5 01 2010

Harryboy's favorite football jersey.

I SENT Harryboy greetings last holiday season.  Some were the run-of-the-mill type that I couldn’t help but forward.  Still others – most importantly – were intended for him only (I send my friends very personalized messages).  In one of those few, I had to tell him how thankful I was that we became real friends in 2009.  He said I flattered him.  It wasn’t my intention.

Today, the 5th of January, happens to be Harry Stamper a.k.a. Harryboy’s birthday.  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRYBOY!  May you continue to see the world thru the most beautiful shades of autumn, your favorite season; through the presence of the people closest to your heart; through the eyes of the people you hold dearest to you; and, with the company of your friends by your side.  No matter wherever you or they may be.

As I have told him, I will always remember 2009 as the year we became real friends.  So in spite of all the difficulties the year presented, there will always be something to look back to with gratitude and the thought of blessing.

Happy birthday, Harryboy!


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2 responses

5 01 2010

Thanks Enteng! =))


5 01 2010

Happi Birthdey!!!!


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