Retail therapy

12 01 2010

Lacoste Gray Weekend Duffel

RETAIL THERAPY shall give the best relief available.  I’ve held on to this belief from that one fateful early evening when Partner picked me up from the office.  When I pulled open the door of her car, my eyes popped out at the sight of a humungous Louis Vuitton shopping bag at the backseat.  I looked at her and without the need to blurt out my query she said something like, “Hay naku Partner.  The person I had to meet up made me wait.  So instead na ma-stress, I bought that bag.”  I could still paint the picture in my head.  Upon learning that the other party would be unfashionably late, Partner took one more sip of her caramel machiatto, upped and left, and crossed the street to Louis Vuitton at Greenbelt 4.  NOBODY makes Partner wait!

And unlike most shoppers, she actually bought a Speedy 30 in Mini Lin.

I can imagine seeing Partner nodding in approval as I exhaled this same claim on retail therapy over the weekend – letting go of pent-up frustrations and probably a little holiday burn-out.  (But wait, how can the holidays lead to such burn-out?  I wonder.)

This, coupled with feeling a bit under the weather, led me to set aside a little “me time” that resulted to a plan a.k.a. eNTeNG’s post-holiday S-A-L-E mall tour.  Thursday and Friday yielded nothing.  But Saturday and Sunday were a different story.

Saturday saw me going to The Podium, then Megamall, then Shangri-La Plaza.  Lacoste would always be a requisite stop – not for me, but for my brother and really close friends.  I can’t afford Lacoste…  for me.  Hahaha!  At Megamall, I scored this really nice, small-ish gray weekend duffel (photo above).  The exterior is made of a wool and polyester blend and is quite sturdy.  And the inside is lined beautifully, with a spacious inside side pocket and compartments for a cellphone and a number of pens.  Perfect!  My very loyal brother – the one I tease as the jetsetter (Hahaha!) – would love this.  He won’t even need to wait for the weekend to use this bag.  Any second thoughts I had about getting it (as the price was almost phohibitive), was quashed by the charms of the very lovely sales associate who attended to me without getting annoying at the slightest.  I sought her out to thank her before I darted out their door.

Inside the orange "Manny" shopping bag was the weekend duffel. I asked them to "fit" it in there because I found the blue shopping bag TOO MUCH. Hehe. My brother who received this gift is a staunch supporter of presidentiable Manny Villar. As I favor yellow, I had to get something for myself as well. Hence, the yello bag you see.


"Noynoy" at a busy cafe.

For myself, I got three different pairs of jeans.  My favorite?  This pair of Giordano denims that I have been so lusting after for quite a while now.  I almost snatched the same at their Town branch eventhough it was a size larger, all because I felt I wouldn’t find the perfect fit anywhere anymore.

It's all in the details. The back pockets got to me!

Patience paid off.  I got it in my size finally.  And at the price it came for, it was literally a steal from the original price of Php 2499.  Oh, that’s one more thing about me – I’d never pay full retail price for stuff for myself.  Hahaha!

Love these jeans!


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One response

15 01 2010

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness just doesn’t know where to shop!” 🙂

Miss you partner! Let’s go shopping again soon – then let’s have our favorite pasta ala carlo and find someone sporting a metallic look complete with a silver LV metallic alma in tow and bash her like crazy! 😀


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