Gotta love Joey Pepperoni

15 01 2010

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

I WALKED in the new establishment totally wondering in my head as to the provenance of the place.  And then it was all on the paper placemat at the booth section we were taken to sit.  I couldn’t help but instantly love a place that answers the question in my head even before I would have blurted it out.  More than indicate where the individual place settings were, the placemats at Joey Pepperoni matched the curiosity in my thought bubble.

“Joey Pepperoni is the brain child of Mr. Joey Concepcion, President of RFM Corporation, which has a wide array of food and beverage brands enjoyed by millions, evolving into one of the country’s trusted brands.”

With my thirst for knowledge (hahaha!) quenched, it was time to peruse the extensive menu to tame the grumblings in my tummy.

Pasta Al Arrabbiata

You know very well that I’m an angel hair pomodoro baby.  So in the absence of the exact same thing on Joey Pepperoni’s menu, I asked for the closest thing – Pasta Al Arrabbiata.  They sent me exactly what I expected – a sauce of garlic, tomatoes, basil, and lots of fiery crushed red pepper flakes, sautéed in olive oil.  I liked the controlled burst of freshness that the chopped Italian flat leaf parsley sprinkled on top gave, serving as the foil to the sharpness of the grated parmesan cheese.  While the sauce was how I wanted “arrabbiata” to be – literally meaning “angry” (in style) owing to the hotness of the peppers – it was the perfect doneness of the pasta that caught me off-guard.  It was how al dente should be.  Each piece of spaghetti was tender, with just the right amount of give when I bit into it.

I thought to myself, if RFM Corporation makes the spaghetti Joey Pepperoni uses, I won’t need a nudge to change brands!

The Works pizza

My pasta dish was sandwiched between a large bowl of Ministrone and a slice of their The Works Pizza.  The ministrone was deep red, with a thick consistency.  I loved the brightness of the crushed tomatoes, though the kidney beans could use some more simmering time.  Being not a pizza person myself, I was surprised to find myself loving the slice of Joey Pepperoni’s.

Chicken Parmigiana

The Tycoon ordered Chicken Parmigiana, served with pasta, while B1 and B2 had the Pesto each.


I took a bite of the pesto and while it wasn’t bad at all – B2 loved it! – I just found it to be too subtle.  I was looking for the intensity of the basil, and the nuttiness from both the pine nuts and the parmesan cheese.  But then again, the doneness of the spaghetti made up for it big time.

B1 and B2


Dinner time!


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