Fed Rafa

26 01 2010

Rafael and Roger

SAY WHAT you will about books – even your brother (hahaha!) – but I firmly believe that people do judge a magazine by its cover.  Even a local glossy shares what it calls as “what we didn’t choose for our cover,” or something.  Why?  Specifically because they know their newstand sales depend much on what people first see.

As the gruelling matches at the 2010 Australian Open are going on, I thought to post two of the best magazine covers in 2009 – as far as I’m concerned.  A tight shot of a brooding Rafa.  And a dynamic full body shot of a flying Fed.

Note:  Yes, after over a week, I’m back.  As blogging just happens to be my past time, it had to take the backseat when work ate up even after-office hours last week.  Just got so swamped with a major project.

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