Losing inches with mucilaginous beaked pods

2 02 2010

YES, I cheat on the weekends.  I actually just did.  Other than that, I’ve been a very good boy.

Okra salad (with white onions)

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve put myself under an injunction to go on a diet.  While the initial impetus was the “The Biggest Loser” challenge we have at the office, it is actually really just personal with me.  Besides, I want to keep up with Superman who has inspired me to become my very best self.  But keeping up with the Man of Steel is next to impossible.  I have lofty dreams –  but not that lofty!

Okra salad (this time with the red shallots)

I thought about sharing here one dish that has been my staple dinner, having it at least twice a week.  It’s a very simple fresh salad made with lots of steamed okra, chilled tomatoes, white onions or (red) shallots.  The dressing is just a mixture of about a tablespoon of white vinegar, lots of fesh calamansi juice, and a little salt.

I usually have a big bowl of this, and lots of cold water.  And I feel full all through the night.

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