Completing the threesome

7 02 2010

RICH AND BUTTERY was what came to mind as the best description when I first tasted it.  But no, it wasn’t some cake.

Mäsüki’s Special Chicken Mami, taken out of the takeout container, waiting for the broth to come to a raging boil.

It was Mäsüki’s Special Chicken Mami, bought all the way from their branch at 931 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila.  And the rich buttery goodness was all about its almost white, thick noodles.  While I waited for the very mild clear broth to come back to a raging boil, I tasted the noodles as if checking the al dente doneness of pasta.  I expected something salty and almost headache-inducing (think the yellowish variants available at wet markets or even the grocery).  But Mäsüki’s version was nothing like that.  It was deliciously yummy, almost without a trace of salt, and best of all, it was the perfect texture.  The “rich and buttery” goodness was what hit me at first – but I have to say that it was just a very subtle hint of flavor.  Something that made me go, “Mmmm!”  before it “melted” perfectly into the broth, creating a more robust background.

A tight shot of those fantastic noodles!


Those noodles oozed with a very subtle hint of rich and buttery goodness!

They know at home how much I love noodles so they would get me two orders of these every single time.  And I’d finish both – together with one huge bola-bola siopao (steamed pork meatball bun)!  I would eat the mami as is, without having to add the special secret asado sauce to the broth.  I was told that those who frequent the restaurant have the noodles that way.  But me, I’m just happy with lots of the chopped fresh spring onions.

Now with the searing hot clear broth!

From the first time I had Mäsüki’s, I’ve chalked it up as one of my favorite destinations for ultimate in noodle satisfaction.  Way up there, together with Kim Hiong and R. Ma Mon Luk.  Funny thing is, it was only now that I got to discover it when it has been a Binondo institution since the 1930’s.  Imagine that.

The siopao (steamed meat buns) came in this beautiful, bright red box.


A couple of places where to find Mäsüki!


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