36 and counting

16 02 2010

Iron Man's spicy Korean noodles... Actually, more like mine!

SOMETIMES WHEN we least expect it, we manage to surprise even ourselves.  It’s like having a nice friend who – just when you thought couldn’t be any nicer – actually manages to outnice himself.

I’ve had both in the space of the past 36 hours.  36 uninterrupted, unimpeded, unblinking hours.  My wristwatch says 3:29 PM now, 16th of February.

Firstly, I surprised myself that at my age, I could still pull an all-nighter.  And not the kind wherein I would be a zombie half of the time.  As a matter of fact, I have just gone out of a presentation I made to our company’s highest official and I guess she couldn’t tell that all I’ve had sustaining me and my sharp wit has been a lone cup of Café Mocha.

Secondly, I got to know a new superhero in the past day-and-a-half.  I’m calling him Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark a.k.a. “Iron Man.”  A craving for cheeseburger that wouldn’t let up, an overnight long drive to the far-flung ends of the city, a raid of the neighborhood convenience store shelves, and a quick stop at a 24-hour bakery got us started off to a great new start.  We’ve always been close.  But we hit a bump on the road.  Now, we’re great friends again.

I teased him all night long about his fantastic Elba Cookers six-burner Cooktop and Oven ensemble.  I just found it so pristine that at past 3:00 AM, I volunteered right there and then to be his perfonal chef.  Hahaha!  I rattled off highfalutin menu options and he dismissed everything with the line, “I prefer meat.”

I took out the three cup noodles we bought – one local, one Korean with soup, one Korean with a spicy sauce – and whipped up three-minute wonders using his amber freezer-to-oven-to-stovetop cookware.

I hope I did enough to clinch the personal chef’s job I cooked up.

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