Caramel chocolate chip cookies

17 02 2010

Ricci's Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

PERFECTION CAN be tiring.  There’s just no other way to go from that state.  But courtesy of a tub of sweet treats, I conceded that perfection could pull a surprise too.  And in this case, it came by way of a sinful addition right smack at the center – a cute dollop of caramel.

A tub of six of the very best caramel chocolate chip cookies

I first wrote about my friend Ricci’s chocolate chip cookies here.  A few other treats have come and gone between then and now – punctuated by the likes of my death-by-chocolate favorite that is the S&R muffin – but this tub of her “Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies” deserves mention in this space.

A cute dollop of creamy caramel brought perfection to a whole new high!

Just how good were these cookies?  I had to flick off my selfishness switch and opted to share.  Even my diabetic Mother couldn’t resist a bite – okay, she had a whole one to herself.  But that meant working her meds and her Omni blood sugar monitor on overtime.



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