Frozen happiness

4 03 2010

Harryboy, one of my bestest friends, stares out into the tundra surrounding him.

IT TOOK a couple of text messages yesterday to sort of snap me out of this lull I was having.  It’s been 13 days since I last posted something.  I guess I got hit again by the dry spell I wrote about for my school paper back in the day.

So before whatever little creativity I have ebbs away, I’m back here in this space.

It helped a lot that yesterday I got to have a long chat with one of my bestest friends – the Harryboy.  We haven’t traded stories for a couple of weeks (was I hibernating???) but I did tell him that I saw his Seoul snow getaway album on facebook.  The cover photo on this post happens to be my second favorite shot from the said album.

He helped me come up with a suitable title for this blog post.  “Frozen happiness” has a nice ring to it.  I got “frozen” for a couple of weeks and didn’t get to write.  He went to some cold place and was so happy.  But definitely tired from driving about nine hours one way, at 130 – 140kph!

Thanks for the talk, Harryboy.  I needed it.

I’m so backlogged on blog posts.

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