Double shot Americano and a mask

5 03 2010

Just got to love this mask! If the base were any bigger, I would've suspected Chuck to be after this... beating The Ring to the punch!

“WHAT IS that?”

“Double shot Americano.  No cream.  No sugar.  Just the way you like it.”

“Oh, I almost forgot.  I notice you chew on it when you get nervous.”  (Places the coffee stirrer beside the cup.)

This came from yet another one of my favorite Chuck episodes from the current season (it’s the third).  It’s one thing for a TV series to be really likeable for me.  It’s another when it subtly makes food references to frame moments in vivid detail.  The scene where I lifted the quotes above was tense, while at the same time capable of eliciting a suppressed giggle.  Chuck is a spy series – giggles should be kept at a minimum.

The scene played on in my head when I saw a mask at this place I was finally able to go to – like, after one lifetime!  It’s because the mission in that episode involved an antique mask.  I’m not sure if it was the latest one – I could imagine Harryboy or Batman smirking at my outdatedness at times.

To bring the experience full circle, there had got to be coffee from Starbucks.

My very lovely friend Ms. Jo placed the order for all the 10 or so coffee drinks we asked for. That's why it says "eNTeNG" on the tumblers, and not my "coffee name."


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2 responses

6 03 2010

‘ive seen that episode.
I still want Chuck for Agent Walker 😉


13 03 2010
eyes only

“… I want to be a real person again….with you” – the best line from Chuck


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