Where the hell did ‘and the Oscar goes to…’ go to?

10 03 2010

Standing right in front of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, the venue of the Academy Awards. This was taken the year Nicole Kidman brought home the prize for "The Hours."

I WONDERED out loud that Penelope Cruz must’ve been about to fumble her lines that she blurted out, “And the winner is…” instead of the traditional “And the Oscar goes to…”  A couple more categories after, I felt ashamed for questioning the capabilities of the talented Ms. Cruz.

Indeed, for its 82nd edition, the Academy Awards have temporarily let go of Oscar, the loving nickname by which the golden statuette has gone by since the late 1930’s.  I credit a cover story on Singapore Airlines’s KrisFlyer magazine for knowing the origin of this popular use of ‘Oscar’ to refer to the Academy Award. The late great actress Bette Davis remarked on the stark resemblance the bald-headed statuette had with her husband.  It had stuck since.  Only last year’s leading actress winner, Kate Winslet, declaring in her lovely, thick British accent, “And the Oscar goes to…” carried on with the tradition that has virtually immortalized Ms. Davis and her hubby.

Regardless of how the winners were introduced, what I’m really ecstatic about is getting 100% of the top categories right!  Yes, I didn’t have to sweat it out in the Leading Actor, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress categories.  (Though in the latter, I was all for an Anna Kendrick upset.)  But I did take great pains in analyzing who would bring home the Best Actress trophy.  You know just how much I loved Meryl Streep’s brilliant, masterly performance as Julia Child.  But I will have to give it to Sandra Bullock for her turn as a tough Memphis socialite with a heart of gold, which was extraordinarily brilliant in its simplicity.

Just like me, Batman is overjoyed with The Hurt Locker best picture and directing triumphs.  But I guess he was happier with bombarding me with spoliers thru text messages – always beating the ABS-CBN commercials-laden telecast by a category ahead.

Nevertheless, my heart was still racing and threatening to shoot from right out of my chest when Sean Penn tore the seal from the envelope and said, “And the winner is…”

In front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Just a few blocks down the road from the Kodak Theater, this has been home to numerous movie premiere nights, as well as three Academy Awards ceremonies.

"You Made My Day - Clint Eastwood"... a living legends handprints and writing on the grounds of Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

My favorite star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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