A place that alone I’d never find

11 03 2010

Finally... Tiendesitas!

INSISTING ON going to my “dream” destinations have gotten me into enough trouble.  But it was with people I don’t exactly like so the trouble was nothing.  I just brushed it off my shoulder and went my way.

Fortunately enough though, I’d get to meet people who would take me to places that alone I’d never find.  On the first week of March, I finally ticked off my list one of those places – Tiendesitas.  And I have Iron Man to credit for this feat.

I think of “Tiendesitas” to loosely translate to “small stores,” and actually has the same ring as the “Tiendas del Parian” that used to line the wall fronting my college.  True to that interpretation, Tiendesitas is built to look like a village of houses designed with a distinct Filipino architecture feel to them.  Each “house” houses offerings thay may not be readily available in mainstream shops and the humongous malls.  I looked around for nice jewelry shops because I thought of picking out a present for my mother.  But the place is so huge, I think I’d need to go back to become successful in my search.

As I waited for my friends to finish their own shopping, I realized that I could be sitting on the exact same wooden bench where my good friend the Summit used to shoot her spiels for her then lifestyle and shopping TV show.

I love the wide open spaces!


This fountain is right in front of the wooden benches. Most likely where the Summit used to shoot her spiels for her TV show back then.


Mike tried that hat on and channeled some artist by the name of Chris Lawrence. I thought he was going for the King of Pop look.


Yes, I saw this mask at Tiendesitas!


In front of the Starbucks store near Tiendesitas


About ten of us were together for coffee.


Friends and colleagues all. For coffee, each asked for his or her personal favorite, partnering it with a choice of sweet or savory pastry, and even a sandwich! There were chocolate-dipped donut, belgian waffles, cinnamon swirl, oatmeal cookies, sausage roll, chocolate peanut bar, and breakfast sausage, among others. I asked for one of my usuals, the Hungarian Sausage, Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta sandwich!


My good good friend, the very lovely Ms. Jo, together with Jing and Lyn.


I love love love cats! At home, we have Brown, Black, Panda, Tiya (Aunt), and Pamangkin (Niece). This one in the photo was right beside me, earlier that day, at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina.


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One response

28 03 2010

Awwwww men! You were in the vicinity that recently? I live nearby! Sayang naman I didn’t get to catch up with you!

*wipes a tear*


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