For Batman part deux

19 03 2010

MY AARON Brothers tower cabinet has been with me for the past seven years.I bought it for its function – which it still perfectly does nowadays as it houses all the DVDs Batman has given me.  But through the course of time, its appeal has magnified on me.  I think it’s because the four frames on its door have allowed me to reflect my changing moods.

My Aaron Brothers Tower Cabinet. Inside are DVDs that Batman has given me!

What I put on the 8”x10” frames have evolved.  I still remember some – memory boards of sorts like a collection of sayings from Chinese restaurant fortune cookies (“Today you shall meet your destiny.”  Duh!), patchwork of eau de toilette cardboard testers from duty free shops, travel photos (of course!), movie posters, and lately, TV series posters.

Here’s how the door looks like nowadays.  The Tudors makes a double appearance because unfortunately, I couldn’t find a poster of this other favorite US TV comedy series.  Batman, Harryboy, help!

On the door – The Big Bang Theory, The Tudors, How I Met Your Mother, and The Tudors (again!). I'm still on the lookout for another favorite TV series' poster.


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One response

28 03 2010

The TUDORS is teh LOVE!
luvit, luvit, luvit.

Then there’s Modern Family and Glee. Ask Batman if he’s seen Modern Fam na. There’s also Flashforward. Good premise but it unfortunately fizzled out by the 4th ep. Still, you may want to explore. 🙂


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