Christmas pasta in the time when the mercury is shooting thru the thermometer

20 03 2010

This might very well be Christmas pasta.

SIX OR seven years ago, I caught an episode of Rachael Ray’s 30-Minute Meals wherein she made a pasta sauce of garlic, (canned) tomatoes, basil and meats – ground sirloin beef, ground veal, and sausage – all sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.  She christened her creation as “Christmas pasta.”  I guess for the most part because it was so good you could have it on the most joyous of occasions.  I took her word for it and didn’t feel the need to make it myself.  Pasta sauces that appeal to me have always been meat-free.  A part of me conjures up images of children’s parties the moment the pasta sauce is sweet or loaded with meat.

Last week, right when the mercury has started to shoot thru the thermometer, I got cordially invited by my colleague Ricci Bejarin to try the pasta dish she brought to work.  It had garlic, (fresh) tomatoes, basil, and – yes, you guess it right – meat!  This time, it took the incarnation of locally made sausage.  Specifically, “Baliwag” sausage all the way from Bulacan.  I asked her later on and found out that she would have this sausage made only by special order.

The pasta was scrumptious.  It was the perfect creation from the bounty of the garden – the tomatoes were fresh and not from the can – with the sausage providing a slightly sharp counterpoint.  The spaghetti was not swimming in sauce but was not dry at all.  Extra virgin olive oil took care of coating each strand, keeping it flavorful and sauced just right.  I loved it!

I so wanted to go back for seconds. But a lot of people had to share this. Hahaha!


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One response

23 03 2010

im so glad you liked it. the basil leaves are from my garden. the tomatoes are from the kids na naglalako ng vegetables around our subdivision – for just 10 pesos for one bag. you cant get any fresher than that. hehehe.
just an additional note, this was inspired by Giada since i didnt really get to see much of Rachel. 😉


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