Make mine Vietnamese

23 03 2010

A bowl of "instant" Vietnamese noodles so good I didn't think it came out of a foil pack!

TEARING YEARS-old issues of Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Vanity Fair, and GQ proved to be cathartic.  But not without first ensuring that I saved all features and spreads on wristwatches.  That was what ate up most of my weekend.  I need to make up space for future junk.

While the exercise turned out to be emotionally purging, it did literally eat up most of my weekend.  I lost track of time that my brother had to bring me food to my room.  Since he knew very well that I wasn’t crazy about last Sunday’s lunch fare, he thought better by cooking me my first ever “instant” Vietnamese rice noodles.

The brand and the variant totally escapes me (and there isn’t any trace evidence left in this morning’s trash).  But I have to say that this has got to be the best Vietnamese rice noodles – pho – I’ve ever had outside of Pho Hoa or Pho Bac.

The broth was flavorful without tasting that it came from the minute-wonder that is a seasoning packet torn open atop boiling water.  The flecks of herbs served more than a decorative purpose as they imparted a bouquet of fragrance that can only come from fresh coriander and sweet basil.  But the best parts were the rice noodles themselves that were cooked to the point of “al dente” with a good give to every bite, and the fresh vegetables that my brother threw into the pot.  There were the usual green leeks and the “unusual” spinach bought from the supermarket.  I call it unusual because they weren’t anything like American spinach or the Filipino version that is available in the neighborhood wet market.  This one had really thick, succulent leaves that for a second I thought they came from some arid region.  They were a delight for the senses – both for the taste and texture.

This bowl of Vietnamese rice noodles was so good it almost felt sacrilegious not to slurp.  Almost.

The succulent, cactus-like spinach that founds its way to my bowl of noodles.


A tight shot of the noodles and the spinach!


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