Buon Giorno, Pietro!

1 04 2010

ROBERT DE Niro was not waiting.  But still, I found myself talking Italian.  That was about for a week and a half, when our new friend Pietro Leonardi came visiting.

My team with the Pietro Leonardi

Pietro is a Senior Engineer from our company’s offices in Italy.  He was gracious and generous enough to come over for a few days and provide my team with training on the many new products that we have just recently started up locally.

Pietro with the majestic Taal Volcano right behind him

And after being very cool – tolerant even – of the limited lunch options that our cafeteria offers, he sure deserved a treat, hopefully to help remember this trip by.  Our good ol’ Filipino hospitality thought it best to bring him to a place to remind him of home.  Buon Giorno at the Cliffhouse in Tagaytay seemed to fit the bill.  Comforting and hearty Italian food, surrounded with a captivating view of the Taal Volcano, under the sun.  I almost said… Tuscan sun!

Welcome to the Cliffhouse in Tagaytay! Buon Giorno! (This photo was taken from inside the car, just when Melo was making the turn to the parking lot. Gotta love my Canon's stabilizer!)


Perhaps, the many things I have been making Paulo accomplish, have turned him pensive. Hehe.


Stave and the volcano. Stave was deep in thought too!

The place has been one of my usuals, though I haven’t been back for a while.  But a couple of the waiters surprised me, when, after I asked about their chocolate pecan pie, they quipped: “Ang tagal nyong hindi bumalik, Sir!”  (“Sir, it’s been a while since your last visit.“).  Oh well, showing our new friend Pietro ‘round town was reason enough to come back.

Grazie mille, Pietro!  We hope to see you again!



Paulo loved this bruschetta that Pietro prepared for him... in a very Italian way! Pietro smothered the juices of the tomato-and-cheese topping on the "coal-roasted" surface of the bread before topping it with the lovely mixture. Yum!


Trio of crostini, with a chocie of three dips – chicken liver paté, mushroom, and pesto.


Just the way I like my bread – only extra virgin olive oil for my dip. Didn't really like to spike it with the balsamic vinegar. And I think it's quite Italian to sprikle the bread with a good dusting of salt before dipping. A couple of cracks of the pepper mill wouldn't hurt too.


I just find that Buon Giorno's extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottle is quite ingenious!


I just loved the contrast of the blue glass against the perfectly frosted wine glass.


Stave's smallish portion of Buon Giorno's Special (House) Salad. I particularly notice the wedge of mandarin orange!


My favorite – Caprese Salad! I can live on just this! Buon Giorno's version is quite special, beginning with the really "meaty," juicy and plump slices of tomato. I would usually just dress this with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. But Buon Giorno's special dressing just kicks it up a notch!


My share of the fabulous caprese!


Angel hair pomodoro with vegetables


I've never put vegetables on my angel hair pomodoro. But this turned out lovely. I may try it at home one of these days.


Pietro was quite pleased with the lamb chops with red wine sauce. I snapped a shot of this plate as a silent homage to Brother who loves lamb!


The pizza! I'm not quite sure if the menu said it's "New York" style pizza. I don't think so.


The pesto had a very rustic feel to it and was quite strong-flavored. Nothing wrong with that though.


Shrimp and mushroom ravioli


I call this photo, "A symphony of glasses." That tall glass of fresh lemonade was mine. They were out of the tarragon tea at that time.


Our parking validation


The gang's all here! Oh, except The Tycoon who was tied up with meetings.


I love these white wooden benches outside Buon Giorno. Right behind them is the award-winning Fire Lake Grill. My dear Partner had a birthday celebrated here!


The white benches looked so much better with K-Anne and Stave sitting on them!


Taal Volcano, bathed in the brightness of the sun.


In the car, K-Anne and Stave battled it out on PSP!


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9 04 2010
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