In my sleep

3 04 2010

ONE CANNOT talk about going to sleep without accounting for the action of the stars that set the stage for deep slumber.  Before I closed my eyes last night, I stared at the ceiling and pictured the stars wheeling forth from their daytime hiding places.  I looked out of the window, and I could tell that indeed, “the stars have made their way.”

I stole that last line from this song that Harryboy told me about.  We were chatting before he left for his Singaporean sojourn, and he asked me if I had seen the latest episode of Chuck yet.  That was when he told me about this song that, quite obviously, struck a chord with him.  I take his fascination for it to mean that it managed to capture one moment in vivid detail.  Just one moment in a 42-minute episode runtime that would’ve otherwise flown over the viewer’s head were it not for the perfect song.

I went to bed last night without giving the song much fuss.  I felt that I had to first see the episode for myself.  But this morning, I woke up with the most vivid recollection of the dream that I had.  It was so vivid, capable of evoking life-like images and happenings in my mind, that I had to text someone the very moment I opened my eyes.

I got out of bed and turned the computer on.  I had to look the song up with the urgency of an itch that had to be scratched.  And now, it is not only Harryboy’s.  It’s not only Batman’s (he posted about it on his facebook wall).  With lines like these: “And I know I’ll miss you / I’ll always miss you / But I know I’ll see you / In my sleep” …  It’s now mine too.

"Ganda nung song e"


The song is called, "In My Sleep."


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Iced with cream and coffee beans and berries

3 04 2010

CHOCOLATES DO not really send me to a state of frenzied rapture.  Unless perhaps we’re talking Royce’ or Baci Perugina here.  But ice cream…  ice cream, I’ve always loved.  And it runs the whole gamut – from the “dirty” variant that gets peddled on the streets (which Partner and I both love), to the soft ones we’d bring to the movie theater when I was a kid (beginning with that one birthday), to a couple I stocked up with in preparation for the movie and TV series marathons I’ve been having this holiday.

My first serving of the mocha ice cream.

Anything that captures the robust, full-bodied aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans at subzero temperatures has my name written all over it.  Sometimes, waiting in line at Starbucks, I would fancy asking for a couple of shots of espresso, mix them with cream and a little chocolate, and stick the whole thing in the freezer.  This very thought got me so turned on I had to make calls to have a half-gallon tub of Nestle mocha ice cream brought home.  I started politely by scooping small portions that beautifully contrasted against pristine fine china.  But eventually, I took the whole container with me to the couch, and finished it off as Norah Walker’s stentorian voice rose to such a feverish pitch as to drown out all protests from her children, over dinner on Brothers & Sisters.

Yet another portion of the mocha ice cream... before I had to just get the whole tub!


Just one last shot before I cleaned the container out.

But running out of ice cream – with many more episodes of that ABC hit family drama and The Big Bang Theory staring me at the face – wasn’t exactly a thought to relish.  So even before I licked the last scoop of mocha ice cream off of my Oneida spoon, I made sure that Berry Strawberry from the Selecta Gold Series was already cocooning in the coldest corner of the freezer, behind piles of Nestle fruit selection yogurt.  Originally, I’ve never liked the thought of fruit bits in my ice cream.  No wonder, “Halo-halo sorbetes” never had a chance with me as a kid.  The cold stare I would give it always did a better job in turning it into mush than the sorching tropical sun ever could.

Berry Strawberry from the Selecta Gold Series


Taking it a scoop at a time. Sooo good!


The real strawberry bits are blended so well with and into the Franch vanilla ice cream. Yum!

But yogurt changed that for me.  And now, Berry Strawberry – more so.  It has taken me over a year, from when I first tried a variant from the Selecta Gold Series, to try Chef J. Gamboa’s “unique, carefully perfected masterpiece.”  Truly, sun-ripened strawberries blended with the very best French vanilla ice cream is “a marriage made in heaven.”  I think I’ve found my new favorite!

Yes, coffee and mocha will be constant in my life.  But strawberries in rich cream has held my tastebuds hostage for now. 

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