The map of the Philippines in pasalubongs*

7 04 2010

I THINK I was the only one who retreated to the seclusion of the bedroom this past holiday.  Everybody else I know seemed to have gone to some place far.  Friendship went to the Lone Star State.  Harryboy took the bus then the plane to the Lion City.  And a lot went either all the way north or all the way south of the country.  Though nothing beats this one text message from Brother: “Now in vatican inside sistine chapel.”

Five places have been marked! I think it would be a good idea to build upon this!

I realized this more when, going back to my desk from a marathon meeting that lasted all through lunch time, a pile of lusciously – and even coyly – sweet treats from major local destinations almost rendered my office space unrecognizable.  I gravitate towards food so I didn’t care at first if I was at the right place.

I went through each pack of local delicacy unforgivingly fast and unrelenting.  And as I went over the fine print on the plastic bags and the paper boxes, I thought it would be fun to plot their places of origin on a map of the Philippines.

The "organic lemongrass syrup" from B2 was quite a revelation. I super love it! It kicked up tea time for me up a notch!

The "pastillas de leche" from Nueva Ecija comes from the happiest of carabaos. Happy carabaos give the freshest milk. The "pili nut tarts" from the Bicol region never disappoints.


People who read this blog know just how much I love the butterscotch that comes from Iloilo City! I'm partial to Biscocho Haus's!

I couldn’t help but wonder, does every province have a local delicacy they can truly brag about?  As for those I’ve already plotted here, I concede that they have all the right to be given away as gifts.  Though I’m not the type to turn down a free meal.  Or even the simplest of edible treats.

To all of those who remembered me, thanks!

*Pasalubong doesn’t really translate in Filipino, I think.  I think it is the contraction of “pang” (for) and “salubong” (welcome or meeting up).  So “pasalubong” is a gift or token souvenir that you give someone you meet again after a short while of being away.  That’s the best way I can put it!

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