But the words got in the way…

12 04 2010

EVERY GIFT is your way of expressing how you feel about another person.  Oprah Winfrey said that in her letter in the December 2009 issue of her O magazine.  (I feel the need to be specific with the credit, lest I risk doing a Manny Pangilinan.)

That simple yet powerful line came back to me when I received a couple of text messages over the long weekend, from one of my closest, bestest friends.  I call this my “almost” Morellato wristwatch.  Oh well.

Be still my beating heart...

Oh well...

The brand may not have gained prominence here in the Philippines, but I’ve fallen in love with it still.  It is not mass-produced, and each piece still comes from their plant right outside Padua in Italy where each item is made in accordance with their strictest standards.

The very next day, I texted my friend and asked him to return to the store and purchase the wristwatch!  Language barrier notwithstanding.

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13 04 2010

What a kind brother!


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