Smokin’ pot

13 04 2010

Rediscovered object of affection – my "Meyer® 18/10 Stainless Steel Impact Bonded – For Even Heat 11 IN / 28 CM."

I’VE BEEN frying sunny-side ups and eggs over easy using the same pan from when I was still a small kid standing on a dinner chair, watching over my mother’s shoulder as she made kare-kare.

Quite clearly, our no-name, decades-old cookware set has proven to be quite useful.  I’ve never looked at any other – even at those tempting displays at Gourdo’s – except that one time when I decided to get a smallish non-stick pan for exclusive use in whipping up a superhero’s all-eggwhite, fresh white button mushrooms-and-provolone omelet.

That, and last weekend when, home alone and rummaging through stuff, I realized that I still have cookware sets sealed in their boxes – sealed for the past six years!  At least!

As I had my garlic fried rice on the top of the brunch menu in my head, I gravitated towards the ones that are wider than they are deeper.  The whole rummaging was so sudden, so unexpected, and surprisingly overwhelming, that I ended up standing transfixed in front of this one pot (or pan?), its all-stainless steel handle glistening under the rays of the mid-morning sun through the kitchen window.

I inched closer and held on to the pot’s graceful long handle, and felt the need to pay attention to the helper handle directly opposite it.  I admired the clean lines, the sensuous silhouette.  I lifted the pot and couldn’t ignore its sturdiness and weight.  Flipping it over, I read “Meyer® 18/10 Stainless Steel Impact Bonded – For Even Heat 11 IN / 28 CM.”  The sale price sticker was still on and after knowing how much I paid for it, I instinctively pulled it to my chest and wrapped my hands around it.

That very moment I knew, “I AM IN LOVE.”

Gotta love this one!


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