Egg salad pandesal

19 04 2010

I’VE NEVER been one to snub the lowly pandesal (or “pan de sal,” literally, bread with salt).  I don’t think anybody has the right to scoff at one of the barometers of the state of our national economy.  Talk about passing on to the hands of consumers even just a peso’s increase in the price of pandesal, and before you know it, the Senate would have convened to hear its case.  And oh, DZMM would launch into a full pandesal price watch.

I piled on these egg salad pandesals, my snack as I watched Top Chef Season 4 tapes last weekend. Yes, VHS tapes!

A few weeks ago, our pandesal shared the spotlight – front and center – with none other than visiting American R&B pop sensation the Justin Timberlake.  He may not have entertained a sing-song question if he was going to “bring sexy back,” but I read that when asked about any Filipino food he liked, he said, “pandesal.”

Long before Mr. Timberlake and the pandesal have shared the same breathing space, these Filipino breakfast rolls – crusty and dusted with crumbs on the outside, fluffy and chewy on the inside – have been a staple of the Filipino morning table.  As a kid, I would have tens of these, hot, sliced open, and slathered with Dari Crème butter.  A dunk in steaming hot black coffee heightened the gastronomic pleasure even further.  Crusty exterior, soft interior, melted butter permeating through the cut surface, good coffee.  Yum!

Whenever we were feeling fancier than butter, my mother would whip up her signature egg salad spread.  I don’t know why, but I’ve never liked any egg salad spread other than this one.  And I’ve never dared attempt to make it.  Its stark simplicity renders me to overthink it and with a simple dish like this, I fear to fail.

Check out that crusty exterior!


I love just how parts of the pandesal look so light and fluffy!


The egg salad spread is finally in!




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One response

23 04 2010

YUM. Can I have the recipe for this yummy concoction? We have egg salad sandwiches here too, but I don’t think they look as yummy as this. 🙂


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