Three panels of memories

19 04 2010

ONE OF my favorite home accents – I caution to call this one “furniture” – is my seven-year-old Aaron Brothers two-tone, solid wood, three-panel floorscreen.  It traveled 11,257 kilometers to get home with me.  And through the years, its fifteen 8”x10” frames have helped chronicle my innermost thoughts.

My Aaron Brothers two-tone, solid wood, three-panel floorscreen.

It’s very heavy, being solid wood.  That’s why it’s quite a challenge to move around.  The three panels are joined by two-way hinges for ease and versatility in positioning.  And as I’ve seen, it stands quite stably – barring earthquakes of cataclysmic proportions.  Having said that, I found that piles of magazines at its feet serve a whole lot of a different purpose.

This is how it looks like today.  It contains memories from as far back as 60 years, to something I made with my hands just last night.

Three superheroes – Superman, Batman, and Spider-man. I couldn't find a better Superman poster. All I have are almost life-size... yet to be framed for the walls!


I love the ad on the left! I wonder what "eNTeNG" would look like as a shoe. The one on the right says, "Finally, makikilala mo na si Louis!" This was the wrapper of one of Batman's Christmas presents. Louis is a character in the classic movie, "Casablanca."


Piles of magazines provide additional support at the base. On a carpeted floor, I would just let the six legs of the floorscreen get stamped onto the surface. They seem to get stable that way.


I position the hinges such that the two end panels are parallel to each other.


View from the top!


The Andy Warhol-ish print was a gift from Erwin. The red Kenneth Cole ad beside it was put there because, as Brother would always joke, it was with Kenneth Cole that I made my biggest savings deposits. Hahaha!


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4 responses

19 04 2010
eyes only

bossing enteng, ang ayos mo naman sa gamit…paki-ayos naman cube namin dito 🙂

…napansin ko lang, bakit nauna si superman kay batman at spiderman? di ba kapag “in alphabetical order”, nauuna ang “B” at ang “P” sa “U”? Peace! 😛


20 04 2010

hey there, eyes only… i don’t think i said that i arranged them alphabetically… hehehe…


21 04 2010
eyes only

hahaha si bossing, ng-react… 😛

bossing, di pa dumadating yung mga pagklain dito sa cube namin, ha…gutom na kami…


23 04 2010

Your “furniture” is quite fetching. Makes me want one for myself. 🙂 I also love your watches, unrelated comment I know but I found your blog via Google after searching for Philip Stein photos (I think).. 🙂


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