Brother and Pietro are the best!

4 05 2010

Presents from Brother's Italian sojourn!

WHEN YOUR yearnings don’t fall on deaf ears, don’t you just feel so wonderful?  Eversince Friendship gave me that Paulo Coelho book, I’ve always claimed that the universe will conspire to give the things I desire.  And it conspiring in my favor has never felt so good – never so palpable – until today.

Brother is back from his 10-month stint at our company’s Catania, Sicily office.  He comes home bearing presents that include lots of chocolates and – drumroll please – an Italian wristwatch!  Granted that on its face the Italian Riviera sun hadn’t shone, but still, the fact that this Morellato wristwatch comes from the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea makes it all the more special!

My new Morellato wristwatch from Brother!

A tight shot of that beautiful face!

eNTeNG and his new wristwatch. He loves it that all the paperwork on this new timepiece is in Italian!

I’ve had Baci Perugina from when it wasn’t yet part of the Nestlé group.  But the ones Brother brings in today aren’t any less than what I remember.  A shiny dark chocolate exterior protects – but not for long! – a gooey interior of whipped chocolate and chopped hazelnuts on which is ensconced a whole hazelnut.  True to its literal translation (“kiss”), Baci is a most welcome kiss on the lips.

Thanks a lot, Brother!  The same goes out to our great friend the Pietro Leonardi!  I’ve distributed the Baci already!

That's a lot of Baci!

That's a Bacetto... a baby Baci!

A shiny dark chocolate coating, a whipped chocolate center with lots of chopped hazelnuts. And a whole hazelnut sitting prettily on top. (All photos were taken using my friend John Francis's Canon Digital IXUS 100IS compact camera).

"What is love if not the language of the heart?"... Each Baci is wrapped with a special "love thought" like this one.

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One response

6 05 2010

I love Baci partner! 🙂 I had my first Baci when i was 11 which my dad brought home from his trip at the Nestle office in Geneva (together with my frist swatch :D) and was very much amazed by the quotes that came with it.

Now i want to have one!


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