A different fried chicken

21 05 2010

MY FRIEND Ms. Jo’s marinade recipe for pork belly was so good that it was inevitable that I would use it for chicken.

I did exactly that, per my mother’s request.  My visiting brother and his wife loved it so much too that after dinner, I sent them off with a freshly prepared batch all their own.  I used only chicken thighs and legs.  They had it for lunch the following day.

Again, thanks Jo for a simple yet great recipe!

I thought I burned the chicken pieces with all that caramelization. But no, they actually tasted perfect! Having grown tired of all my chef-wannabe talk, my brothers knew they had to wait 'til the meat had rested before they attacked!

A tight shot of a perfect fried chicken thigh.

One of my dipping sauce options for this dish is made of soy sauce, freshly squeezed calamansi juice, and onion leeks.

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One response

21 05 2010

It looks so yummy! I love the sauce, it looks like what my mom used to make for dimsum dip.


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