I miso like crazy

21 05 2010

NO MATTER what I say or do, there’s just no getting over you, miso.

Miso Soup from Paulo. This was the best I've ever had in years.

I’ve loved miso soup from when I first had it.  Quite authentically I must say, as I had it somewhere in Yokohama.  Here at home – back in the day – I would go to the quaint Japanese grocery right beside Hu Yuan Noodle House at the old Parksquare 2 to get ingredients for my homemade miso soup.  I don’t remember the exact recipe I followed but my basket would always have bonito flakes, dashi (or something that makes dashi), red miso paste, dried wakame seaweeds, and silken tofu.  And oh, I’d throw in lots of packs of nori which I snack on from the very moment I step out of the store.  (I don’t use nori for this soup.  If ever, I use it for cold buckwheat noodles with a special dipping sauce).

Last week, one of my engineers here in the office office offered me instant miso soup, a gift from his in-laws based in Japan.  It’s one of those just-add-hot-water types, consist of two packets – one for the dried seaweeds and fish cake, and another for the red miso paste.  I enjoyed it tremendously that he later gave me the remainder of the pack of 10 he had.  He gave me four more!

Knowing myself and how I am with my favorites, I didn’t stop until I’ve gone through the last one.  And that meant having to have miso soup for my lunch for three consecutive days.  That hot hot soup, chunky with lots of wakame seaweeds and fish cake strips, and perfectly steamed white rice filled my tummy and my soul like no other.  Quite expectedly, B1 and B2 didn’t quite get my fascination.

Each packet of vegetables from Paulo's miso soup had THIS MUCH! I felt it was sacrilegious not to have this with really hot steaming rice.


Lots of fresh onion leeks and tofu can make a packaged, instant miso soup so scrumptious and filling!

Over the weekend, I asked my brother to get me whatever brand he could find at Japanese specialty stores in the metro.  He got me a couple – one with smallish clams, and the other with three variants (plain, with tofu, and with fisk cake).  I breezed through these, adding lots of onion leeks and tofu to each serving.

The "clam" miso soup from Robinsons.


The image on the packaging promises bowls of miso soup chockful with clams.


Each bowl is made with 160mL of really hot (I prefer boiling) water, wherein the dried vegetables and proteins (blue packet) and the red miso paste (black packet) are mixed.


My first of three bowls. Notice that I put one piece of clam prominently on top... for the photo op!


The other instant miso soup variant. This one has three – onion leeks, tofu, and fish cake.


The three pink packets at the background contain the red miso paste while the three on the foreground – green, blue, and pink – contain the different "condiments".


Lots of onion leeks and tofu in every bowl!


This one had a couple of big blocks of tofu! Loved it madly!


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