No complaints about this “daing”

22 05 2010

HOW I wish I could lay claim to actually making this dish from scratch.  But I just can’t.  Because fortunately for me, someone delivers to the house these ready-for-the-frying pan, marinated boneless butterflied milkfish.

Perfectly fried marinated boneless milkfish

Though making them from scratch should be a breeze.  All one needs are the very best boneless milkfish, lots of crushed garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper.  Overnight marination should do the trick.  And before long, “daing na bangus” (marinated milkfish) is ready to sizzle in hot oil.

And then there were two!

The fillets are fried until the outside is a golden crisp, keeping the inside really juicy – not dried and flaky at all.  As a perfect accompaniment, I would always make a light cucumber salad with tomatoes and shallots in a calamansi-vinegar dressing.  The only things I’m finicky about are that the cucumbers should always be seeded and that they should always be sliced thinly – paper thin if at all possible with one’s knife skills.

Cucumbers have to be seeded – always!


One of the few things I'm really patient about – slicing cucumbers as thin as could be!


Tomatoes sliced into wedges.


The shallots, also sliced into wedges.


The salad, all mixed up, gets a sprinkling of salt.


Finally, the salad gets a couple of cracks of the pepper mill.


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