When you love you don’t count the cost

23 05 2010

YOU SIMPLY don’t.  Especially when you are giving away something in a box that seems to cost an arm and a leg more than what the contents are worth.

An assortment of Isabelle® cookies in the "Amour" purple-and-pink gift box with a pink ribbon.


“Quand on aime, on ne compte pas.”

ISABELLE® cookies are simply some of the best I have ever tasted.  And this one right here comes in the special “Amour” gift box, on which is stamped, “Quand on aime, on ne compte pas.”  The box itself alone is so pretty that it took time before I could get past it to take a peek at what was inside.

And inside was a collection of some of Isabelle’s most popular and most delicious cookies, all individually wrapped.  Included in the mix were cookies infused with the luscious essences of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla.  Espresso Crunch was all coffee and crumbs.  Mischievous Chocolate was devilish as it was sinful.  And Heavenly Vanilla seemed to have come straight from up above, packed in a gossamer pouch as light as a cloud.

Something like this shouldn’t be finished in one sitting.  In fact, one has to make a personal injunction to ration it out.  But if it can’t be helped, one can argue that it was done to free up and re-purpose a box as beautiful as this one.

Ain't it pretty?


A sneak peak at what's inside!


The cookies and biscuits are individually wrapped. The vanilla discs even comes in their own gossamer pouch!


Some of the individual plastic wrapper says, "Un bon biscuit"!


One more look at the very yummy contents!


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