A Lola’s love

24 05 2010

THE LAST time I visited my maternal grandmother Mommy, she had finally come to, something I had been praying for after frantic messages from my cousin said that she (Mommy) had regained consciousness but couldn’t seem to put names to faces.

Mommy's hospital ID bracelet. Upon her discharge from the hospital, I asked if I could keep it.

But this one time I was there, she was back to her usual self, engaging me in animated conversation.  After taking a sip from her drink, she looked at me and said, “So, it’s Noynoy.”  I didn’t take my eyes off of her and smiled, while trying to form in my head a suitable response, knowing for a fact that the choice for the next President is one thing we had respectful disagreement on – disagreement, but never an argument.

Before I could say anything, she continued, “Ok na yung si Noynoy.  Suportahan na lang natin.  Sana pagbutihan nya.”  (Noynoy’s fine.  Let’s just support him.  I hope he does well.”)

A few minutes later I asked to be excused to grab a late lunch at the hospital cafeteria.  The very moment the door behind me closed, my brother who was accompanying me looked at me and said, “Mahal ka talaga ni Mommy.  Ngayon gusto na nya si Noynoy kasi alam nya (Mommy) gusto mo sa kanya.”  (Mommy really loves you.  She now likes Noynoy because she knows you like him.”)

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