Air India

24 05 2010

NO MATTER how many times I have taken air travel, I haven’t gotten over my fear of flying.  Up to this very moment, the very first thing I do when I board an airplane is pray.  Takeoffs and landings still manage to get the better of me.  And whenever I’m way up there – at about 30,000 feet up in the air – I continue to pray.  I pray as if I’m just carrying a conversation with God, asking that He keep my flight safe.

Plane ticket, luggage tags, Amex ticket sleeve.

So everytime the news carries stories about plane crashes, it does break my heart.  The news in this Sunday’s papers – I have both the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star – is especially poignant because it involves Air India and the state of Karnataka where the crashed happened.  Bangalore, the state’s capital, has been quite dear to me.

I only have fond memories of my Air India flights, things I took account of on my “Rickshaw Diaries.”  Foremost of which were the very friendly in-flight cabin crew and the superb mile-high cuisine.  As for Bangalore, I would always remember it for The Park Hotel and for the many shopping haunts that dotted its busy streets.  I have spent a whole day roaming the city, sharing the streets peacefully with cows and the friendly locals.

My prayers and my sincere thoughts go to the victims and the loved ones of the crash of the Air India Boeing 737-800.

I heart Air India.

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