New fave sandwich

24 05 2010

The label from the packaging of my new favorite sandwich.

WITH THIS new favorite sandwich, quite obviously, I still miso like crazy.

I’ve long known that miso has great potential beyond making a cloudy broth chockful with seaweeds, onion leeks, and tofu.  I’ve known this long before any of the chefs on Bravo’s Top Chef has ever made a miso-basted chicken breast during a quickfire challenge.

But I was not prepared to see a miso-based creation staring back at me from inside a temperature-controlled sandwich display counter.  Much less at Starbucks.

But “Grilled Miso Chicken & Mushroom with Wasabi Mango on Italian Bread” leapt from a sea of options that it was a natural choice for company on yet another solo movie night.

The chicken breast fillet was surprisingly – and uncharacteristically – moist.  The red miso paste was basted just lightly, accentuated by a light dusting of black pepper.  The mushroom component turned out to be a generous portion of sliced shiitake mushrooms.  They were meaty and flavorful that I thought they could make a sandwich filling all their own.  The label said that dried shiitake mushrooms were used.  I didn’t guess that to be the case at all for I didn’t have to “fight” with them.  They were so tender.

To tie all the flavors together, the wasabi mango dressing had miso paste as well, the perfect foil to the sharpness of the wasabi, the tartness of the mayonnaise, and the sweetness of the magoes.

I would always politely ask the service crew to please tear off the label carefully. They'd give me a look and before they could even ask, I tell them, "I collect the labels."


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2 responses

2 09 2010

love their tomato-mozzarella-basil on multigrain bagel! 😀


8 02 2011

another new fave is the fruit & nut toast. so simple yet uber good. even w/o butter or jam!


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