Pigs in blankets all in a circle

27 05 2010

I’M NOT a pizza person.  But to each his own.  That’s why I believe Ms. Kris Aquino-Yap when she declared in last week’s The Buzz that she can live on just lechon (roasted suckling pig) and pizza all her life.

One of 16 sausage pops in a Pizza Hut's Star Pops Pizza!

Obviously, I understand why my mother loves pizza as much.  The other day, she was telling me about Yellowcab’s Dear Darla pizza.  I guess it’s the alfalfa sprouts and the arugula leaves that she found interesting.  I made a promise to get some at the Yellowcab branch nearby – soon enough.

But last night, on my way out of the supermarket, I had to give Pizza Hut a glance back when I thought I saw on my peripheral vision a poster for yet another pizza creation Mama has been craving for.  It’s the “Star Pops” pizza, boasting a total of 16 “pullable” sausage pops around the actual pizza.  I got the family size of their Super Supreme, with extra toppings of mushrooms and cheese.  Exactly 10 minutes after placing my order, I got my pizza and it came with a cheddar cheese dip for the sausage pops.

I have to say the pizza did look so appetizing.  As my Mama told me, the cheese pops before were so good already that adding sausage to the mix could push the goodness to overdrive.

I looked at the 16 “pullable” sausage pops and they conjured images of pigs in a blanket neatly arranged in a circle.  So behaved!  And just waiting to be devoured.

The Pizza Hut Star Pops Pizza in Super Supreme


The toppings overflow on this Super Supreme!


I did ask for extra mushrooms.


Little pigs in blankets waiting in line. One by one, they had their time.


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