Scallops for just two pesos. What?!

30 05 2010

I’VE BEEN hitting the supermarkets a lot lately.  More so than Greenbelt 5, Town, or the Serendra Piazza.  And yesterday I decided to burn five hundred pesos in gift check on something rather indulgent.  I mean, I had a separate budget on staples.  But the gift check?  I wanted to use it up on something special.

I hadn’t been staring long at the specialty Asian food aisle when I noticed that the Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood I just hoarded last week also comes in a “with scallops” variant.  I don’t read Japanese, so thank God for images!  I know it currently retails for Php 124.50 each for the “BIG” size, so my five hundred would get two pesos in change for four cups.

But no, I noticed that the one with scallops costs two pesos more, at Php 126.50 each.  No biggie.  I didn’t mind forking over six more pesos so that my five hundred in gift check would get me four.  Now that’s a steal.

Both Nissin. But one is "with scallops." And costs two pesos more! Just sayin'.


I don't read Japanese. But that sure looks scallops to me.


Even just the dehydrated chunks of crabstick, squid, tamago, and scallops are enough to make my mouth water.


What really really hot water (from a kettle, as Nigella Lawson would always say) and exactly two minutes can do to a bowl of Nissin Cup Noodel Seafood... spot the scallops!


I had this steaming hot cup of noodles, eating it with chopsticks from Shanghai that were a gift from my good good friend Tenz, on the couch, watching Royal Pains.


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