The Dark Knight in purple

31 05 2010

I SUPER love notebooks.  There’s just no denying that fact.  But still, I concede that there’s no justifying my action at the bookstore last Friday.  Honestly, I could hear Batman from miles away admonishing me for jostling my way to the front of the lone pile of comic character notebooks just so I could grab the last “Justice League / The Dark Knight” notebook.  His text message said it all, “So may isang batang nawalan ng notebook.  Ok lang yan, magtyaga na lang sya sa X-Men.”  (So, there’s one kid who lost a notebook.  That’s just fine.  He can settle for X-Men.”)

My new "Justice League / The Dark Knight" notebook!

I’m quite thankful that I had to brave the maddening crowd for only one notebook that really caught my fancy.  And it really is immaterial that it is one of my cheapest finds ever – ringing up at just Php 26.50!  What was really important to me was that it has on the cover one of my most admired superheroes.  And it’s in purple!

I’m not an expert on what era this depiction comes from.  (I do remember Batman telling me about how the costume has evolved in years.)  But I do love the very dynamic pose my superhero has on the cover and how succinctly the verbiage at the back encapsulates his essence.  And oh, there’s a “#5” – my favorite number – at the upper right hand corner at the back.

This notebook and I?  We’re meant to be.

The dynamic front cover


The very nice back cover


Can't wait to use this notebook!


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4 responses

31 05 2010

from what i know, children are not really allowed by schools to use notebooks with fancy covers like this (or any of those of teenage superstars :P) so they ask them to cover the notebooks in plain colored paper…kaya partner okay lang yan, no damage done! 😀


31 05 2010

Hi Partner! That’s such a relief!… By the way, I saw your e-Mail about the wristwatches. I’ve just been swamped. But I will look for them! Amishoo!


31 05 2010
eyes only

aba, ang ganda nga bossing enteng!

sana supplyan mo naman kami nyan dito sa cube kasi pasukan na ng mga anak namin 😛

dagdagan mo na din ng lapis at bolpen…hehehe


1 06 2010

Amishoo too partner! i’ll be going home soon, anything you want from the Great Singapore Sale? 🙂


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