I heart cursive

3 06 2010

Taking down a sad but important note – in cursive.

HAVING BEEN educated at the Mapúa Institute of Technology – both at their pre-engineering technological high school and at their college – I didn’t really have any of my teachers inspect and then grade my cursive handwriting.  Nobody had to tell me if my letters had just the right upward slant to the right, or if my loops were oval and closed enough.  What we were graded on were our papers written in engineering lettering.  And with that, I have to say, I was the benchmark.

Students that had come years after me used to stop me on my tracks to tell me that they had gotten their hands on photocopies of my work.  And that I had impeccable compliance to the “2-4-4.”  Measured in millimeters, these numbers meant that the uppercase letters were kept at the top of the type case, the “2” mm plus “4” mm (total of 6mm tall); and the lowercase letters were confined to just the “4” mm.  The third “4” mm was the spacing between lines.

But all my notebooks were written in cursive.  And quite frankly, up to now, I still keep my daily notes in longhand rather than in some digital assistant, my laptop, or high-tech cellphone.

Yesterday, a couple of people and a reader of this blog complimented me on my handwriting.  I know mine is not something that was shaped by education from and by nuns – quite obviously, I didn’t go to one of those schools (hahaha!) – but I do find it surprising that people find my handwriting pretty.

This is how I write my uppercase and lowercase letters in cursive.


My fave uppercase letters? B, J, R.


My fave lowercase letters? f, h, q, z.


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4 responses

3 06 2010

Really, your awesome handwriting is AWESOME! I love your Rs: both lowercase and uppercase 😉


3 06 2010

Really, your handwriting is AWESOME! I love your Rs: both lowercase and uppercase 😉


3 06 2010

i remember asking you to write on the card for the wedding gift i bought for a family friend at Rustan’s ATC. I also remember that we were standing next in line to this lady with a white Gucci handbag and a beautiful Cartier watch (tama ba?! dear memory, please don’t fail me :)) The card really looked pretty…maybe even prettier than what was inside! haha 😀


9 06 2010

Where can we get the Enteng font? Can we have it added to MS word?


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