When it rains

3 06 2010

Something to have when it rains – caféteria purple sticky rice cake.

NOW I know how it feels like when someone rains on your parade.  Especially when that “someone” is the rain itself!  No thanks to the heavy rains and the flash floods that turned SLEX ‘round the Sucat area into a giant parking lot yesterday, Mama Hen had to reluctantly call off plans to treat us to yet another fabulous lunch in Tagaytay Highlands – something she has so generously done in the past, here and here.

But seeing her again after quite a while was such a treat in itself.  And it didn’t matter that we just bonded over caféteria purple sticky rice cake, dimsum, and hot tea.  The conversations were as thought-provoking and hilarious as they have always been – “scandalous” even – that the rain was really just kept outside – literally and figuratively.

Mama Hen came in Gucci! Here's the bag and the wallet.


I shall call thee – "The Rock"!


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