Rice shines: Dinner with Ed and Jon

11 06 2010

Kanin Club's "Tinapa Rice"!

A RESTAURANT is distinguished by the fineness of its cuisine.  But when it comes to Filipino food, most restaurants seem to brandish theirs as having the goodness of stick-to-your-ribs “home cooked.”  I for one have the propensity to be quite forgiving of my own cuisine, especially since anything “home cooked” comes with the expectation that it is pleasing in its imperfection.  I mean, how can you call something “home cooked” and expect it to be perfect?

Fortunately for me, for this first trip to Kanin Club at their Westgate Mall, Alabang branch just hours ago, I didn’t have to face the dilemma of singing praises for each dish that came to the table.  I had one of our guests to take care of the review.  Quite apropos, since my home site manager was hosting this dinner in honor of them – our visiting managers from one of our company’s offices in the States.  And wherelse best to treat them than in a place whose name (“Kanin”) is Filipino for rice, the staple of the Filipino diet.

While I would linger on how a dish looks like, dwell on the nuances of that first whiff, and spend time reacting to textures against my tongue, my guest “food reviewer” was succinct and straight to the point.  He was quite exceedingly infectious; I got more excited over dinner sitting next to him at the table than trying the dishes myself.  Whether he threw out one-liners like “excellent” and “good” or the more generous “I like it!” and “This is very good!” – I believed him.

And when his eyes opened wide while nodding in approval – almost in unison with our other guest – over the deep-fried butterflied tilapia, I knew dinner wasn’t a bust.  Our guests and my friends’ satiation was foremost in my mind that I threw my “shoot-first-eat-later policy” out of the window.  (Good thing Lester was taking shots with his DSLR from another vantage point!)

So how did our dinner selections fare with our select guests?  Here’s the scorecard.  (As for me, the tinapa rice was tops.)

Squid in Salt & Pepper – Very Good; Tinapa Rice (fried rice with smoked fish) – “I Like It!”; Crispy Pata (deep-fried pork trotter) – Good; Bangus sa Miso (milkfish in a sour broth of tamarind and fermented soybean paste) – “Too much tomato”; Sizzling Squid – Excellent; Binukadkad na Tilapia (deep-fried butterflied tilapia) – Excellent; Spicy Tahong (spicy mussels) – “Very good.  Not spicy though.”

My peers in my manager's staff – Melo, Jonah, Brother, and Lester (taking test shots with his new DSLR!).

The "I like it!" Tinapa Rice on my plate, sharing space with the Sizzling Squid and the "Gambas con Kabute" minus the kabute (mushrooms).

Sizzling Squid

Gambas con Kabute (Shrimps with Mushrooms)


Gambas con Kabute (Shrimps with Mushrooms) – the whole thing! (Photo: Lester De Guzman)


Squid in Salt & Pepper (Photo: Lester De Guzman)


Tokwa't Baboy (Beancurd and Pork in a soy-vinegar sauce) (Photo: Lester De Guzman)

A couple of our guest "food critic's" ratings.

Crispy Pata (Crispy Pig Trotter)

I washed everything down with refillable Iced Green Tea.

Paintings by local artists deck the walls of Kanin Club. I think the paintings are for sale.

I had a great time at my first Kanin Club dinner.


Going through Kanin Club's extensive menu. Everytime I do this, I'm reminded of this line from a movie I saw. Something like: "I'm an excellent orderer. You may want to be with me for the rest of your life." Hahaha! (Photo: Lester De Guzman)

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11 06 2010

hello enteng! we’ve eaten in Kanin Club at Sta. Rosa… Crispy Binagoongan and Crispy Dinuguan are also some of the must-tries… You should also try their dessert – I do not remember the exact name but it has all these halo-halo ingredients inside a lumpia wrapper… and looks like “turon”.. 🙂


11 06 2010

the place look sooo awesome!
I want to try that mouth watering gambas con kabute!


19 04 2011
Lai Legaspi

Hi Enteng!

I was googling a Kanin Club photo when it led me to your blogsite. The photo is so good, I dropped everything else I found. 🙂

Hope you could allow me to use your photo so I can publish it on my own blog. I’ll give you link so you can see that you are duly recognized as the source of the photo.

Thanks, Enteng!


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