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14 06 2010

FRIENDSHIP GIVES the best presents.  By that I mean both the relationship one has with a friend, and “Friendship,” my shopping soulmate based in Singapore.

The kikki.K bag bearing gifts

Nothing beats waking up to this message:

Spell it out loud together with me: G-I-F-T!... And Friendship, I know you like Anderson Cooper. I'm reading his book right now, concurrent with two others.

So Friendship’s sister and I made a plan to meet up at Town for what I kept referring to as the “drop” (giving away my penchant for far too much TV spy series watching).  We met up at Starbucks.  And over my very first Iced Coffee Signature in Chocolate, I carefully tore off the delicate almost tissue-like wrapper to reveal what I later texted Friendship as one of the nicest and most thoughtful presents I’ve ever received – DAILY NOTES by kikki.K notebook.  And this was just gift number one.

I love the design of the wrapping paper – closed and opened envelopes!


My new DAILY NOTES by kikki.K notebook from Friendship!


That's the product sleeve and a shot of 7 of the 8 predefined tabs. Friendship has always been on a "gift ideas" tab in my head. Now I can write those down!

Daily Notes is a practical notebook that helps “keep track of information, ideas, recommendations and inspiration.”  It has 16 tabs which will assist in organizing random thoughts and observations into 8 predefined categories – books, films, gift ideas, music, bars/restaurants, shops, websites, and miscellany – and 8 that can be personalized.  The product sleeve says it all, “You will never forget an idea or misplace a written note again.”

My kikki.K 10-pack Recipe Inserts and My Recipes folder. I'm going crazy thinking about which recipes to write down on these precious sheets!


How the 10 recipe inserts looks like.

Gift number two turned out to be a 10-pack kikki.K My Recipes folder that comes 10 sheets to write down recipes in my head, or those that I come across in magazines or newspapers – both of which I read a lot of.  I like it a lot that the sheets have sections for temperature, preparation time, level of difficulty, number of servings, and rating.

The presents are equally nice – the designs are stark, the colors very basic, and the lines very clean – as they are quite thoughtful.  Friendship really knows that these will allow me to indulge in a couple of things I love the most – lists, and writing in cursive.

For good measure, Friendship’s sister threw in the latest Ferrari by Hot Wheels model car in the bag.

Speaking of the “bag,” having been told that the gifts came in their own special paper bag, I had to spend time familiarizing myself with it.  It’s a pretty white-and-gray number that says “kikki.K Swedish Home / Office Style.”  I took it as an homage to Robin Söderling making it to the finals of the French Open at Roland Garros.  Haha!

Me and my loot!


It's hip to be green. Makes me love kikki.K all the more!

Thanks a lot, Friendship.  I’ve often wondered why I’ve been holding back buying myself a new Moleskine.  I mean, besides the fact that I didn’t want to spend that much for myself.  I guess the universe was telling me to wait for your presents.  Love them!

Had to send Friendship a text of thanks!


The meet-up was at 3:00PM. I made it quite early. By the way, my wristwatches are wound 30 minutes in advance!


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15 06 2010

“friendship” really knows you so well partner – Kikki.K has your name written all over it…it’s just so YOU =)


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