I made a notebook

20 06 2010

Not just up in the sky! But on my new notebook too!

I HAVE been meaning to write an essay since Friday night.  But I didn’t want to do it on the computer, on my laptop, or in any of my current notebooks.  My MIT notebook from Mikko is purely for work, while my kikki.K Daily Notes from Friendship is for random thoughts and observations of personal importance.

So a new notebook is a must.  Besides, I have set a goal that starts with this essay.  And I want to write it in cursive.

To make this “new” one, I took an old Mead college composition notebook, cut it to size (to make it fit any of my laptop bag, adidas UEFA EURO2008 bag, or fave smallish North American leather bag), and covered it with the image of one of my favorite superheroes, Superman, torn from the June 6, 2008 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The opening paragraph of my new essay has been in my head since Friday night.  I’ve got to get down to it and write it down.

How my new personalized notebook looks like.


The most painstaking part was gluing the two sides perfectly together. Yes, the image was split into two pages.


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