A gift that keeps on giving

28 06 2010

FRIENDSHIP DOES give me really great gifts.  And by Friendship, I mean Cecille.

One of the things that she has given me that I’m wearing out with use is this Healthy Shabu-Shabu Privilege Card.  I get 10% discount every single time I dine there, which has proven to be quite often.  The last time was last Saturday night, hours before seeing Toy Story 3.

Privilege in cards!

So when it was time to get coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and I got sweet-talked by the lovely barista to avail of their “Swirl” rewards card, I gladly snapped it up.  My Italian friend said that I was easy.  I chuckled and said that after all that the barista said, I thought it was just polite to get one.  Hahaha!  Besides, with the all the coffee and tea I get, I’m bound to get eligible for something.

The Healthy Shabu-Shabu Privilege Card was a gift from Friendship. The CBTL Rewards Card, I got the other night at Town.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!


Ice-Blended Ultimate Vanilla with Whipped Cream, Ice-Blended Ultimate Mocha (whipped cream blended in), and a Blueberry Cheesecake!


That's my coffee name!


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2 responses

28 06 2010

ey you have this magazine! when did this come out?
is will gardner (josh charles) in it?


28 06 2010

Friendship!!! You noticed the subtle shoutout / homage to you! The magazine came out in mid-March this year. And since I was posting about one of your gifts, I thought it only apropos to set it against the backdrop of one of your current fave shows.

Yes, Gardner (Josh Charles) is in it. They have a cast photo layout inside. And I think (I think…) each character was discussed.


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