Darla darling

3 07 2010

Yellow Cab Co.'s "Dear Darla" Pizza

THEN TAKE it with a banana!”  That was how Grace Adler was supposed to take the prescription drugs her assistant, Karen Walker, was passing off to her as vitamins.  Just so she could be at peace that indeed, as Karen claimed, the stuff was good for her.  I couldn’t help but play this Will&Grace scene in my head when I first came across Yellow Cab Pizza Co.’s “Dear Darla Pizza.”

I am not a pizza person and I most likely won’t ask for it from a menu.  But I have nothing against pizzas.  So when I saw that Yellow Cab was offering thin crust pizza slices rolled around alfalfa sprouts and arugula leaves, I turned from “I don’t want to have it,” to “I’ve got to have it!”

I know that Yellow Cab pizza has been a lot of people’s favorite for quite some time.  To roll strips of it around crunchy alfalfa sprouts and peppery good arugula just gives a surprisingly pleasant twist to a classic.  As their poster said – in what seemed to be a letter being written by The Little Rascals’ Alfalfa to the object of his affection, Darla – this pizza possesses a feisty soul (somehow it takes courage for some people to munch on greens) and can make you happy (who, besides me, hasn’t fallen head over heels over pizza?).

The order I got – the 10” one – was to go, so the rolls settled with the travel and the handling.  But you can also ask for it to be packed with the pizza and the vegetables separate.

My to-go pizza came in a brown bag with that signature Yellow Cab Pizza Co.'s sticker.


I asked for the 10" pizza, good to make four rolls of the "Dear Darla" pizza.


The crunch from the alfalfa sprouts and the peppery goodness of the arugula leaves elevate the pizza experience to new heights. For one, they make you feel like you're getting away with something really good for you!


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