Bite, bark, and finally, kissing

5 07 2010

Movie tickets to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

THE OTHER day at National Bookstore, I found myself fixing the display of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series with a long stare.  I wanted to move on to other titles but I couldn’t because I could feel a thought forming within my cerebellum convolutions.  And it would bug me for the rest of the day if I wouldn’t allow it to pop into a bubble thought above my head.  I picked up the title Eclipse and cringed at its thickness.  That’s when the thought came to me, “Why are these so popular?”

I don’t think I’ll ever know the answer to that simply because I don’t think I’ll muster enough courage to crack those four books open – and actually finish them.

But the movie versions?  Those I can tolerate and as a matter of fact, seen.  The first installment, Twilight, I saw because most everybody else at the office wanted to.  It was amateurish and appeared to have been made on a shoestring budget.  I kept breaking into guffaws everytime Edward came out on screen.  His facial make-up was so distracting.

I saw New Moon on December 20, 2009 at Town.  I vividly remember the date and place simply because it was quite an unforgettable movie experience.  I walked out not even halfway through.  I didn’t want to end up snoring in the cinema and ruin the experience for the fanatics in the house.  I remember texting Friendship then and telling her that I just didn’t get it.

Running the risk of revealing myself to be a masochist, I went – yet again – to a screening of Eclipse.  The one nice thing about seeing a movie based on a book that I haven’t read is that I don’t have any expectations at all.  I was talking to Rizzie the other day and I told her that any movie based on a previously published work doesn’t stand a chance against the movie that a reader has created in his or her head.  So I was glad I didn’t have an idea of what to see.  Besides, I have Friendship and The Corporate Teener to run to to get an understanding of all the teen angst I saw on screen.

Surprisingly, I finished the movie this time.  It was action-packed – I loved the fight scenes the most.  The redhead vampire Victoria was exacting revenge on Edward through Bella.  And to protect our breathy female lead, Edward and Jacob – vampires and wolves – forged both a truce and an alliance.  I was snickering in my seat thinking that “ang haba ng hair ni Bella” (Bella must feel so pretty).  I realized that this third installment was more mature than the first two when, in what I think could be Edward and Bella’s first kissing scene ever, the toddler to my left had to ask his dad, “What are they doing?”  Then I remembered that unlike usual teen movies, the love team in Twilight used to get their kicks from abstinence.  The longing stare and the breathy, stolen glances used to be enough.

In the said same scene, I realized that like Edward, I too am ancient.  Not old school.  Ancient.  Hahaha!

The non-authority on Twilight that I am, I’m stopping here on commenting about the dynamics of the movie’s Vampire-Human-Werewolf love tirangle.  Though I would like to say that I found a couple of lines really hilarious – “Doesn’t he own a shirt? “ (Edward commenting on shirtless Jacob) and “Face it, I’m hotter than you.” (Jacob to Edward).

I went out of the cinema entertained but still wondering why the third one is called Eclipse.  I phoned a friend – The Corporate Teener – and finally got it!

Gotta go to next time. Getting these tickets meant having to really WAIT in line. (Photo taken with The Italian's Sony Ericsson mobile phone.)

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From yesterday’s Sunday papers

5 07 2010

Presidential Stylist Liz Uy, a certified force in fashion.

I READ both the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star from cover to cover.  And in yesterday’s editions, I found a couple of interesting reads.

I loved the interview of presidential stylist Liz Uy in the Philippine Star.  It was quite interesting to read about the stuff that her refrigerator will yield in a raid.  I’m having lusty thoughts of amazing pasta dishes that I could whip up with her stock of truffle-infused sauce and butter.  But most of all, I found her to be quite down-to-earth, carrying on her role with such grace and composure, with just a hint of an endearing girlish giggly nature thrown in for good measure.

Liz Uy!

And it was nice to find out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer about the complete Inaugural Cocktail Reception menu that Via Mare catered.  I’m so loving the pritchon (fried roasted suckling pig served in pita wedges with a special assortment of sauces) and the corned beef!

The sumptuous Via Mare menu!


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