World Cup hangover

12 07 2010

I ADORE TheCorporateTeener’s writing.  That, and the fact that she is quite the authority on TV shows, books, restaurants, and movies.  Actually reminds me of someone I know really well.

We were texting a short while back as the 2010 FIFA World Cup final replay airs on Balls channel 34, a chance to relive the glory of La Furia Roja (The Red Fury).  I had to ask her if Nando was her favorite.  She sent me a text back that I just had to put here.

“…Casillas is a rockstar, Podolski is a long-time love (Germany), Sneijder broke my heart with his tears, David Villa amazes me, and Nando stole my heart.  Woohoo it’s a longer list pero yan ang summary.  Wahahahaha!”

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One response

12 07 2010

search mo sa youtube yung mga commercial…yung nike na write the future, yung adidas na impossible is nothing jose +10 (from 2006), yung mga pepsi especially yung this year….it will help the hangover…as in prolong it. wahahaha.


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