Here, you don’t pay for the ambiance

22 07 2010

Lolo Claro's "Selecta 6", a meal of half a fried spring chicken, garlic fried rice, and iced tea.

THIS HOLE-IN-THE-WALL owes a debt of gratitude to word of mouth.

My friend Jeck has been telling me about Lolo Claro’s, egging me on to pay it a visit.  I probably would have done so much earlier, except that true to being a hole-in-the-wall, it is out of the way.  As to the other aspect (of it being hole-in-the-wall) that it’s a small unpretentious place, I absolutely don’t care about it.  It’s the food that matters.

Jeck succinctly describes the food to be “sing-sarap ng Max’s pero ‘di sing-mahal!”  (As good as Max’s but doesn’t cost as much!).

On my second visit, I asked for the meal with half a fried spring chicken, and a fresh “lumpiang ubod” (fresh eggroll with a filling made of sautéed heart of palm).  It was a quick decision as the offerings fill up only the back-to-back space of the worn out, laminated menu card.

My half fried spring chicken!


Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (fresh eggroll with a filling made of sautéed heart of palm)

Jeck was right to make the comparison to Max’s.  In between heaping spoonfuls of rice and chicken, I kept looking up to check where I was having a most filling meal.  I would’ve thought of the place to be Max’s, were it not for the stark décor and the conspicuous unavailability of the all-you-can-eat chicken promo.  And yes, the creek a.k.a. “the view” adjacent to the place.



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