For someone who does look only 20!

23 07 2010

The fab birthday girl!

TODAY MARKS the birthday of one of the really few people who have managed to fascinate me, make me smile, and make me feel I matter – Rizzie.

For you, may the sun keep shining through regardless of the clouds and the rain


and may you never lose your way


and may you stop and smell the roses


and may your life be always full of flavor.


Happy birthday my friend!

Copyright © 2010 by eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  MunchTime™©.  All rights reserved.




3 responses

23 07 2010

Hello Enteng!
Naks! How sweet and creative 🙂 touch naman ako!
Thanks for remembering me on my special day

Rizzie 🙂


23 07 2010

BTW, kaya lang bakit ka putol… post mo yung buong pic 🙂


23 07 2010

You read it na, Rizzie!!! I intentionally cropped myself from the photo. Syempre, yung birthday girl lang dapat =)


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