30 07 2010

I’VE KNOWN Brother for 14 years.  When he and his batchmates started at the office, I was just going on my fourth month.  And I was usually assigned to look after them, deliver talks, show them how things were done.  Practically their sitter.  Hahaha!  Much later on, I became one of his really close friends.

In the course of a friendship, priorities change.  Some things may seem more attractive and pull you to so many different directions.  Worse, some bad patterns may emerge.  But even when you and your friend begin to move in different circles, the bond of real friendship remains.  One’s addiction to DOTA notwithstanding.

A couple of weeks back, Brother suffered a major loss in his life.  It was very deep into the night of my birthday celebration dinner (that he understandably missed) when he sent me the news thru text.  A couple of days later, sitting at the front pew at the wake, he told me that he didn’t know how to tell people.

He said he had to text our boss – of course out of obligation.  And then he said I was actually the only one he could tell it to.  I really felt like nothing has changed my relationship with Brother.  We have never lost each other’s trust.

I promised that I will always be there for him.  Nothing new really.  It is just like how it has always been.

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