Buttered crabs

16 08 2010

Buttered crabs for eNTeNG c”,)™©

A DISH like this makes me glory in every crustacean’s existence.  That, and having to one day reach out for Lipitrol.  Hahaha!

I missed my youngest brother’s dinner party.  But there wasn’t any cause to fret as I would always get pasalubong.  He hosted it at one of his favorite places.  And along with the Sinigang na Maya Maya sa Miso (red snapper in a sour broth made of tamarind and fermented red soybean paste with lots of fresh vegetables), he sent over a couple of the fattest, most roe-laden mud crabs I’ve ever seen, cooked in lots of butter and fresh garlic.

My brother knew what I would like best.  Growing up, all of them knew that I’ve never really loved pork, beef or chicken, as much as oysters, clams, mussels, and crabs.  If sending me fish and crabs isn’t thoughtfulness, I don’t know what is.

I slumped on the dining chair, piled a mound of piping hot steamed white rice on my plate, and ate away.

I gloried in every crustacean’s existence.  And in having brothers.

The claws had a lot of meat in them! Yum!


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One response

16 08 2010

File this to the “Things Alexis Wishes She Could Eat Without Breaking Out in Allergic Rashes”! Hahaha!


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