No lavender in mine but it’s fine

20 08 2010

My mother's chicken salad sandwich spread on Gardenia classic sliced white bread. This ended up being a triple-decker!

I AM a shameless solicitor of recipes.  And if there’s one thing I’ve striven hard to learn – no matter how simple – it’s my mother’s recipe for chicken salad sandwich spread.

To me, it’s the addition of the word “salad” in the name that just makes it sound so terrific.  And I thought, no sandwich spread recipe could live up to a name that has that word (salad) in it.  But fortunately for me, one can – my mother’s.

So when she made quite a lot this week, I made it a point to check the fridge for it, and slather generous amounts on to my favorite pan de sal (Filipino breakfast rolls) or on to slices of classic white bread.  They’re perfect any time of day – morning, noon, or night – all the way to midnight when I’m curled up in bed, watching reruns on TV.

As I bring up this subject of chicken salad sandwich, I’m reminded of probably the only version that could rival what I’m used to at home.  It is made by the boulangerie Provence Breads & Café at the Downtown Public Library in Nashville, Tennessee.  They are renowned to make the best bread in Nashville, making about 20 kinds fresh everyday!  My favorite sandwich from their menu is the Roasted Chicken Salad Sandwich – oven-roasted chicken breast, with lavender, fine herbs, (sliced) toasted almonds, red onions, and celery, mixed with sour cream and mayo, then layered with vine-ripened tomatoes, and crisp lettuce on their rustic sourdough.

I think it’s the lavender that brings it into overdrive!

It's no Boulangerie Provence rustic sourdough but I love this Gardenia bread's crustiness. Perfect with the chicken salad!


A stack of pan de sal filled with my chicken salad spread


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20 08 2010

You know in Europe they put lavender in chocolate! I agree on it giving it an extra kick!


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