Salsa for comfort

20 08 2010

Fresh homemade salsa by my friend Mitzi. The chips were from another friend, Michelle.

ONE SOLITARY moment by the nightstand in my dark hotel room, six years ago, solidified my love affair with salsa.  The dip, not the dance, just to be quite clear.   I figure the mention of “love affair” may conjure images of lustful dancing and throw you off from my train of thought.

I was in Las Vegas at the time, at the Sahara Hotel & Casino to be exact.  Like most who had gone to Vegas and gambled, I did – and I lost.  I quickly burned $150.00 in slot machines at The Bellagio and the Sahara.  Right there and then, I swore off gambling of all forms.

On my way back to my room, I asked Mother if we could swing by the gift shop.  I was resolved in erasing from memory the clanging sounds of all people winning at the slots around me, the loser.  I thought that a nice refrigerator door magnet or some T-shirt would be capable to eclipse nagging thoughts of loss.

But you know me, I got out of the gift shop not with what I intended to look for, but with food.  Yes, the gift shop had food.  Very considerate to late-night munchers like myself!  I got two big bags of Tostitos® Corn Tortilla Chips, and two large jars of Tostitos® All Natural Chunky Salsa – Hot.

I went up to my room and licked my gambling wounds, comforted by chips and salsa overnight.  By the time the dawn cracked, I had already cleaned out both jars.  Clearly, salsa had moved up from “something I like” to “something I love”.  And oh, something really comforting.  (What’s with me and all the comfort food lately?!)

The photo at the top is of fresh, homemade salsa courtesy of budding culinarian, Mitzi.  I haven’t met any salsa I didn’t like.  And Mitzi’s version – while it could have bigger, chunkier bits – is superb.  Though I do think about asking her to fire it up with lots of jalapeños next time.

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One response

8 09 2010

Hi eNTeNG,

You still have a vivid memory of your las vegas experience and salsa. I could imagine the bad/guilt feeling of lossing at the casino. I too lossed one time but not in vegas but at the Barona Valley Casino in San Diego. It wasn’t that much, maybe it was just about $10. I felt too sleepy after that as I had just arrived that day in San Diego. I never played after that. Anyways, I have learned to love some Mexican food like tacos, buritos and Salsa. Tasting such food brings to mind my US experience. However, the salsa I prepared was inspired by John G. I like the one they prepared (he & his wife) which they brought for a team building.

Well, I felt good that you and my groupmates liked it. Honestly, I wasn’t that confident with the salsa I prepared. Dont worry next time I will make it hot by putting some chilis. (I like the photo you posted)

By the way, do you like ballroom dancing? maybe it’s also fun to learn the Salsa dance haha!


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