I now know what Laura Esquivel probably meant

21 08 2010

Starbucks' Classic Chocolate Cake

I OFTEN wonder why, whenever I’m actually in the store at Starbucks, I never ask for this pastry.  But whenever I get things to go, it is the first thing I ask for, around which I build the rest of the takeout food I get.

I finally got the answer earlier in the afternoon today, while enjoying one – fresh from the refrigerator – in joyous solitary confinement at home.  I let out copious, unapologetic moans with each bite!

It sounds quite scandalous, I know.  And it is.  I couldn’t help but imagine the stares I would get from other diners who probably would have gone to the place for a leisurely, and surely wholesome tête-à-tête.

This surprising, amazing moment of clarity necessitated the sending of text messages to close friends, declaring that “Starbucks’ Classic Chocolate Cake is THE love.”  It’s sinfully luscious, with all three layers bathed in glossily smooth frosting, crowned with shards of chocolate for a subtle yet dramatic touch.  Quite the classic.  Quite old-fashioned.  Undeniably good.

TheCorporateTeener texted back to clue me in on who Starbucks’ supplier is!  Wow, pleasurable moans, and now, an ultimate “know-who” (as opposed to “know-how”).

Three layers of heaven


Shards of chocolate on top and on the sides


Classic. Old-fashioned. Simple. Straightforward.



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3 responses

22 08 2010

Laura Esquivel! Haha! It reminds me of “Like Water for Chocolate”!


2 09 2010

yummy 😀


8 02 2011

my faves– Banapple’s Choco Caramel cake, Chocolat’s Death by Tablea and Deep Dark Classic, Chocolate Kiss Cafe’s Devil’s Food Cake! 😀


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